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Quickbooks Tips Tricks

6 QuickBooks Tips and Tricks

For small business owners, QuickBooks is nothing short of a lifesaver. This program is full of countless tools that allow for seamless financial management, employee tracking, customers relationships and much more.

QuickBooks has many layers, and it can take quite a while to fully grasp all its function. Here are just a few handy tips and tricks to keep in your back pocket:

1. Use QuickBooks to Log Time

Tracking time is very important for any business that needs to bill clients by the hour. New developments in the QuickBooks program makes this process easier than ever. Instead of exporting time from TSheets to QuickBooks, the two systems are now integrated so you can approve several timesheets at once or make an employee timesheet inside QuickBooks.

2. Input Customer and Employee Details

Keeping track of customers and employees are two of the most important things a business owner can do. To input customer details in QuickBooks, go to the Customers Tab, enter each one as a new customer and customize their payment methods. Similarly, go to the Employees Tab to manage employees. From here, you can manage payroll deductions, benefits and tax payments.

3. Print Checks and Pay Bills Directly from QuickBooks

Avoid the costs associated with outsourcing check printing by printing them directly from QuickBooks. Visit the Banking Tab, then click Write Checks, and from there you can print them as well. To streamline your bill payment process, pay them directly by using the Online Bill Payment Option.

4. Manage 1099 Vendors

If you use contracted workers or freelance vendors that require the use of the 1099 form, you can manage them through QuickBooks. After setting them up, you can sort their payments as well as sales taxes. 

5. Merge Similar Accounts

If you have several separate accounts for one client that you would like to merge, QuickBooks offers a simple solution to consolidate them. Select one account name, go to another account, right-click and paste the name you would like the multiple accounts merged to. When saving, you will be asked if you want to merge the accounts.

6. Automate Emails

When business gets busy, eliminate the need to write time-consuming emails. In QuickBooks, you can set automatic emails to be sent for invoices, financial statements and sales depending on the schedule you choose.

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